Healthcare technology company Medtronic has rolled out a new infusion set, dubbed Medtronic Extended, in the US that can be worn continuously for up to seven days.

The company developed the new infusion set in collaboration with Convatec Infusion Care, a Danish developer and manufacturer of infusion solutions.

The infusion set is the tubing set-up that delivers insulin from an insulin pump to the body and is usually required to be changed every two to three days.

Medtronic Extended infusion set leverages advanced materials, design, and unique technology to maintain insulin flow and stability and double the infusion set wear time.

It features a new tubing connector that improves the physical and chemical stability of insulin, the reliability of infusion site performance, and reduces the risk of infusion set occlusion.

Also, its adhesive patch has an adhesive layer that supports extended wear time and provides comfort and durability.

In addition to the infusion set, the Medtronic Extended reservoir is the only infusion set reservoir approved to help restore insulin stability and safety for up to seven days, said the company.

Medtronic Diabetes chief medical officer Robert Vigersky said: “When patients first begin using a pump, doctors and other healthcare providers reinforce the need to change their infusion set every two to three days to limit the risk of infection and other safety concerns.

“For many people, this means scheduling life around infusion set changes, which may not be at the most convenient times, turning around as you are headed out the door when you suddenly remember to change your infusion set or adding a few minutes to a tired child’s bedtime routine with an infusion set change.

“With the Medtronic Extended infusion set, these life interruptions are reduced with an innovation that doubles the wear.”

In the clinical studies, Medtronic Extended reduced the rate of infusion set change by 50%, along with a number of infusion set failures linked to elevated glucose levels.

The study participants found the infusion set more comfortable to wear compared to their previous sets and were happy with the longer wear feature, said Medtronic.

In addition, Medtronic Extended is anticipated to result in up to 25% annual cost savings of insulin, due to a reduced number of the infusion sets and reservoir changes that result in unrecoverable insulin, as well as plastic waste reduction of up to 50%.

With the US commercialisation, Medtronic Extended infusion is now exclusively available for customers using MiniMed 600 and 700 series pumps, said the company.

Medtronic Diabetes EVP and president Que Dallara said: “Our goal is to make life easier for individuals living with diabetes and the Medtronic Extended infusion set helps us deliver on this with prolonged and more comfortable wear – something customers have been requesting for many years.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to launch this innovation during Diabetes Awareness Month when we take the time to reflect on what more we can do to alleviate the burden for those living with this chronic condition.

“We’re pleased to deliver a groundbreaking innovation that will make a real difference in the overall pump experience given the overwhelming and well-documented benefits of this therapeutic option.”