Medical technology services and solutions provider Medtronic has secured Conformité Européenne (CE) Mark approval for its Envision Pro Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system, a fully disposable, zero calibration professional CGM system.

The new technology is expected to enable healthcare professionals and diabetes patients to see accurate glucose levels and trends over time. The company is planning to start the commercial release of its product in Europe and the Middle East.

Medtronic non-intensive diabetes therapies business vice-president and general manager Sheri Dodd said: “Medtronic has a 20-year history in professional CGM as the first company to have an approved physician-use CGM system. The launch of the Envision Pro CGM system represents multiple important innovations as the first disposable and zero calibration CGM from Medtronic.”

Envision Pro helps physicians in creating more optimal diabetes therapy plans

The CGM system, available in two forms, real-time CGM and professional blinded CGM, measures glucose levels every 5 minutes using a tiny sensor inserted beneath the skin, typically in the abdomen or upper arm.

The real-time CGM is a patient-focused tool aimed at helping patients to understand how insulin and their lifestyle affect glucose levels throughout the day. It is designed to be worn for months and years.

The professional blinded CGM is designed for the healthcare professional to get an unbiased snapshot of glucose trends over a week, through recording glucose levels frequently, and is generally used just a few times a year.

The reports provide healthcare providers with additional insights and help them in developing personalised treatment plans for patients in less time, facilitating better diabetes management.

Medtronic said that its Envision collects adequate glucose data to generate up to five diagnostic reports for review by healthcare professionals with their patients.

Pattern Snapshot, the main report, uses advanced pattern recognition algorithms to identify daily patterns of high and low sugar levels and their association with food, medication, exercise and sleep

The Envision Pro CGM system is claimed to provide  accurate data that is blinded to the patient to obtain an unbiased view of their real-world glucose levels.Healthcare providers are facilitated to make therapy adjustments and provide lifestyle change recommendations to their patients, based on the insights delivered by the system.