Cardiac monitoring company Medicalgorithmics has received the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for its next-generation system in ECG signal analysis called DeepRhytmAI.

DeepRhytmAI is a cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that classifies ECG signals.

It can also identify a variety of arrhythmia problems without a lot of human interaction, allowing for a quicker and more precise patient diagnosis.

Medicalgorithmics said that the system can also be integrated with other providers’ solutions.

According to data from the company, once DeepRhytmAI is combined with the upcoming PocketECG system, the work required to identify ECG signals can be reduced by roughly 50%.

Medicalgorithmics board member and CFO Maciej Gamrot said: “Our technology which we use to diagnose arrhythmias based on analysis of ECG signal data collected through our PocketECG device has so far been recognised as providing the highest arrhythmia detection rate.

“The cloud-based artificial intelligence algorithm DeepRhytmAI, allows us to take advantage of our proprietary technology to create an even better tool for both doctors and patients.

Gamrot added: “In terms of technology our goal continues to be a new ecosystem that will integrate devices and software.

“The new platform called NextGen will provide patients and doctors with cloud solutions, new devices, technology and algorithmics that will enable faster and cheaper ways for patient diagnosis.”

The company plans to make the DeepRhytmAI platform accessible to the business partners who use their devices with the newest PocketECG system by the second half of 2023.

Medicalgorithmics operates in the field of high-tech medical telemetry and offers cardiac diagnostics solutions, particularly in the area of ECG signal analysis.

The company’s services are accessible in several nations and continents, including Australia, North America, Asia, and Europe.

In June this year, the firm secured US FDA approval for Qpatch wearable to measure individual ECG signals.