Medical device maker Medela is planning to roll out a new sterile dressing, dubbed Invia Integrated Dressing, within its negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) portfolio.

Invia Integrated Dressing received the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval last month.

It is indicated for all wound types, including closed surgical incisions, and can be used in the hospital or home setting for up to seven days.

Medela said that Integrated Dressing is a ‘peel-and-stick’ adhesive that comprises a three-layer fluid handling pad that features a skin-friendly silicone adhesive border.

It is designed to work with Medela NPWT pumps, Liberty, and Motion, which help maintain even pressure while pulling fluid away from the wound site to support healing.

The Integrated Dressing also comes with a Quick-connector, which is commonly used across the Medela NPWT portfolio for familiar pump-to-dressing connections.

It also includes Dynamic Exudate Removal technology, which enables double-lumen tubing to prevent blockages, remove exudate, and adapt to fluid fluctuations to pull fluid from the wound.

Medela CEO Annette Brüls said: “We are thrilled to support the needs of our customers across the USA by introducing our Integrated Dressing.

“Backed by more than six decades of expertise in medical vacuum technology, this long-awaited product will be available in September as an extension of our full-system solution to support wound healing.

“When we set out to support this category, we applied our research-based suction technology to our negative pressure wound therapy solutions, and we’ve found that this provides an optimal environment for confident and effective wound healing.”

Medela said that its negative pressure wound therapy system comes with a comprehensive support package for clinicians and patients.

It includes on-site clinical in-servicing and training, instructional videos for staff and patients, and product tutorials supported by clinical education experts.

Furthermore, the medical device company said that its NPWT solutions are backed by its decades of expertise in medical vacuum technology.

They integrate Intelligent Pressure Control to ensure consistent and even pressure is delivered directly to the wound site to promote natural wound healing and tissue regeneration process.