Consumer health company Maverick Health has partnered with Visby Medical to provide rapid- Covid-19 PCR testing to its organisational partners.

Under the collaboration, Maverick Health will offer Visby Medical’s FDA authorised, instrument-free and rapid PCR testing to its organisational partners at its network of concierge testing sites and at customers’ homes.

Visby Medical founder and CEO Dr Adam de la Zerda said: “We’re excited to partner with Maverick Health and leverage their diagnostic and technological capabilities to get tests into the hands of the people who need them.

“This partnership enables us to deploy Visby’s rapid PCR test and together make a difference.”

Maverick Health’s technology, testing solutions, and healthcare network have been used by multiple organisations throughout the pandemic.

The latest partnership allows these organisations to now also access PCR tests.

Maverick Health will also provide rapid PCR testing at their concierge testing sites in New York, Boston, and Miami. It plans to offer PCR testing via additional locations and at-home testing service.

The premium offering is said to help people to get tested and secure fast and precise results from trained medical professionals.

Maverick Health co-founder Ezra Gontownik said: “By leveraging our rapidly growing network of at-home medical professionals, Maverick Health is bringing rapid 30-minute PCR tests not only into our growing network of concierge testing sites, but also into the home.

“Getting Americans back to work and school, traveling and other social activities requires continued improvement in the speed of delivery and accuracy of test results. This partnership and our network enable just that.”