US-based medical equipment manufacturer ManaMed has received the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for its ManaSport ultrasound therapy Class II device.

ManaSport is a new ultrasound therapy device designed to provide pain relief and treatment for soft-tissue injuries for athletes and sports professionals.

The new technology, which is safe and simple to use, is expected to provide life-changing assistance to those who are dealing with persistent problems.

The portable and rechargeable device uses ultrasound gel to deliver non-invasive pulsed ultrasound therapy to specific areas with no discomfort to the patient.

According to the firm, the entire therapy session takes 20 minutes, and the kit includes ultrasonic gel, a strap to keep the applicator in place, and a battery charger.

The device has an intuitive display with clear instructions with an inbuilt calendar to keep track of the treatments.

ManaMed said special safety features allow the gadget to be locked to prevent accidental operation.

Physicians and physiotherapists can move the applicator around the afflicted area manually or utilise the accompanying strap for a static, hands-free treatment.

ManaSport delivers a simple and effective solution for a variety of medical and sports-related illnesses and conditions without the need for surgery or narcotics.

With the FDA approval, ManaSport is set to become the go-to therapy for sports medicine professionals all around the world.

ManaMed president and chief executive officer Trevor Theriot said: “ManaMed will continue to design, develop, and innovate the entire Med Tech space.

“ManaSport demonstrates our commitment to invest in the future and expand our access to the entire continuum of care.”

In September 2017, the company launched the FDA-cleared deep vein thrombosis (DVT) prevention device, PlasmaFlow, in the US.