UK-based medical technology firm LivaNova has announced a limited market release of its Essenz Perfusion System, designed for cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) procedures, in selected centres across Europe.

The Essenz Perfusion System consists of a next-generation heart-lung machine (HLM) and a transformative patient monitor. It prioritises data to give a patient-tailored approach to support data-driven decisions during CPB procedures.

Designed in partnership with more than 300 perfusionists, the medical technology firm developed the system with a focus on evolving requirements in the operating room (OR).

According to the firm, the system has the scalability and flexibility needed to coordinate intraoperative care to its full potential.

The LivaNova S5 HLM is the foundation of the Essenz Perfusion System. Although connected, the Essenz HLM cockpit and Essenz Patient Monitor run independently.

Additionally, all the pumps on the Essenz system are individually controlled, said the company.

LivaNova cardiopulmonary president Marco Dolci said: “During open-heart procedures, perfusionists play a critical role and the perfusion system they use acts as the patient’s heart and lungs during the operation.

“Throughout the Essenz design process, we heard directly from perfusionists that they need a flexible and reliable system that gives them access to comprehensive data to inform their patient-tailored support in the OR.

“With the combination of next-generation hardware and software, the Essenz Perfusion System will serve patients and empower perfusionists to make informed decisions as they provide increasingly tailored patient care.”

The medical technology firm said that the Essenz Patient Monitor’s dashboard and sensing technology give data throughout a case. The system is said to have an easy-to-use interface that records continually and displays data and events to help the perfusionist throughout an operation.

The Essenz Perfusion System is claimed to have an ergonomic layout that keeps the area tidy and hygienic. It also includes sophisticated cable management and a mast-mounted design.

The cockpit offers a central view for controlling the device and monitoring all perfusion and patient parameters. Mast-mounted pumps let the user place the disposables at their discretion, LivaNova said.