LifeStation, a leading provider of medical alert monitoring systems and connected health solutions for aging seniors and caregivers, has announced the launch of LifeStation Mobile LTE, the most advanced mobile medical alert device in the industry.

LifeStation Mobile LTE takes advantage of LifeStation’s award-winning monitoring center, staffed with their team of certified care specialists, allowing seniors to get help quickly and confidently, anywhere in the country. Using a proprietary combination of GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth, Mobile LTE delivers pinpoint location accuracy, even indoors, enabling LifeStation care specialists to deliver faster, better service.

LifeStation invested heavily in customer feedback, human capital, and technology to create this next generation device, which includes a sleek new design, self-test button, user-friendly voice prompts and an intuitive LED display.

“Everything we do starts with our users. We took feedback from customers, caregivers, and trusted partners, and then built an entirely new product from the ground up”, said Laura Aiello, LifeStation’s Director of Business Development. “I couldn’t be more proud of what our team has accomplished. We’re very excited to bring this product to market and offer it to our users and partners.”

Mobile LTE does an incredible number of things straight out of the box, but it also paves the way for future advancements in remote patient monitoring and connected health services that will help seniors and caregivers lead more active and independent lives.

Key Mobile LTE Features Include:

AT&T 4G LTE network – fastest, most reliable nationwide

Small and lightweight

Award-winning monitoring

Enhanced location services

Longest battery life

Fully waterproof

Custom voice prompts

Real-time diagnostics

Mobile LTE is the only medical alert device that integrates with the LifeStation skill on Amazon Alexa, providing caregivers with device status information and LifeStation’s exclusive Find My Loved One feature.

Source: Company Press Release