US-based Levita Magnetics has closed a $26m Series C financing to support the regulatory process and initial market entry of its Magnetic-Assisted Robotic Surgery (MARS) platform.

The funding round was led by a healthtech investment group overseen by Evan Norton. It also saw the participation of MedTex Ventures, as well as Invermaster and Carao Ventures, amongst other returning investors.

The MARS platform is designed to improve the efficiency and procedural standards in high-volume abdominal surgeries. The platform is aimed to facilitate a quicker recovery, cause less discomfort and fewer scars in patients.

MARS also improves visibility and enhances surgeon control of the instruments. Additionally, the new robotic platform can be used for outpatient or same-day discharge procedures in high-volume abdominal surgeries due to its compact footprint.

In a clinical trial in Chile, the Levita Robotic Platform has so far been used in more than 30 cases, including same day discharge (ambulatory) cholecystectomies and obesity treatments (sleeve gastrectomy).

Levita Magnetics founder and CEO Dr Alberto Rodriguez-Navarro said: “We are thrilled to have the support of this premier group of forward-thinking investors as we take the company to the next level with our unique approach to surgical robotics.

“At Levita, we believe that everyone deserves the benefits of MARS, offering the potential for less pain, faster recovery, and less scarring.

“Our platform is poised to address the worldwide problem of limited access to better robotic surgery.”

The company also appointed medical technology industry veteran Maria Sainz as the chairwoman of its board of directors.