Digital care company Lark Health has announced a partnership with US-based Smart Meter for the care and management of patients with type 2 diabetes across health systems.

The partnership will combine Lark Health’s diabetes management programme Diabetes Care with Smart Meter’s proprietary cellular-enabled iGlucose glucose meter.

Smart Meter is a supplier of remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions. Its partnership with Lark Health is expected to enhance the ability of health systems to manage patients with type 2 diabetes.

Lark Health’s diabetes treatment programme is said to provide real-time benefits and helps in narrowing gaps in care for people with diabetes. The artificial intelligence (AI) care coaching programme offers round-the-clock unlimited text message care coaching.

It keeps track of medical appointments, kidney disease screenings, A1c tests, eye exams, blood pressure readings, flu shots, and cholesterol tests.

Additionally, Lark Health’s digital coaching keeps track of patients’ medication adherence. It assists in overcoming obstacles in case the adherence is less than 100%.

Lark Health’s platform tracks data on glucose, activity, mood, nutrition, and sleep to monitor trends in physical and mental health and activity over time. With the insights, the platform provides real-time coaching that resembles text messages for the patient.

It can link users to a telephone or virtual resource and send information like glucose levels and medication adherence patterns, in response to emergencies like severe glucose spikes.

Smart Meter CEO Casey Pittock said: “We are thrilled to be collaborating with Lark to deliver reliable glucose readings from our high-quality patient devices to Lark’s proven coaching solution.

“Health systems will benefit from using this powerful combination of technologies better to manage the care and treatment of patients with Diabetes.”

Smart Meter’s iGlucose glucose meter is designed to support patients quickly and test their blood sugar levels easily. It automatically notifies the patient’s doctor of any glucose readings.

The patient’s glucose data is securely transmitted from the Smart Meter to Lark Health and to the doctors using iGlucose.