Kytopen, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) spin-out and biotechnology company, has started an early access programme for Flowfect Discover to accelerate cell therapy discovery, development, and production.

Flowfect Discover is an automated high-throughput gene delivery platform designed to discover and optimise cell therapy and living medicines precisely and efficiently.

It allows the predictive scaling of engineered cells to solve cell therapy manufacturing problems at the discovery stage.

According to Kytopen, the platform can deliver complex genetic engineering materials, like CRISPR, mRNA, and DNA quickly and efficiently to up to 96 samples in just minutes.

It is positioned strategically at Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisations (CDMOs) and Translational Academic Medical Centres.

Flowfect Discover uses its patented electro-mechanical continuous flow in a small-volume, high-throughput format. It delivers genome engineering materials like CRISPR to the cells.

The biotechnology company said that several parameters can be programmed by researchers and therapeutic developers to tailor the transport of genetic material, thus improving the editing efficiency and enhancing cell production.

Kytopen CEO and co-founder Paulo Garcia said: “We are thrilled to unveil the Flowfect Discover platform, which represents a significant leap forward in our pursuit of advancing gene-modified cellular therapies.

“By working closely with our collaborators and sharing future developments, we hope to increase patient access to these promising living medicines.

“Our company aims to empower researchers and developers by enabling more cost-effective innovation that solves manufacturing challenges at the discovery stage of cellular therapies.

“The introduction of the Flowfect Discover platform at an earlier development phase will result in reduced development cost and time savings, contributing to improved patient impact.”

US-based CDMO and biotechnology company BioCentriq is already using this gene delivery platform.

Initially, the Flowfect Discover platform will have a limited release in the US.