US-based medical imaging systems manufacturer Koning Health has partnered with Gentle Scan Health, a venture firm dedicated to improving breast imaging.

The collaboration aims to transform breast cancer imaging with the installation of 20 advanced Koning Vera Breast CT devices across the US next year.

The initial installations are scheduled for the Metropolitan New York City area, Atlanta, and Southern California at the start of the year.

According to Koning, breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women, and its early detection is important for effective treatment and improved survival rates.

Koning CEO Lutao Ning said: “Our goal is to bring our technological breakthrough to as many points of care and patients as possible.

“The partnership with Gentle Scan Health provides access to thousands of women and will accelerate the growth and availability of no-compression breast imaging across the country.”

The partnership between Koning Health and Gentle Scan Health aims to improve women’s health outcomes and enables advanced solutions in the fight against breast cancer.

It represents a significant advancement in making advanced breast CT technology more accessible to women across the country.

The Koning Vera Breast CT is said to provide a more comfortable and accurate exam experience compared to traditional methods.

The devices would provide true 3D imaging, providing a clear and more detailed view of breast tissue, enabling earlier detection of potential abnormalities with less discomfort for patients.

With the installation of 20 new devices, the collaboration will significantly expand access to advanced breast cancer imaging methods.

The first two devices will be installed in the Metropolitan New York City area, which will serve as a model for subsequent installations across various regions in the US in 2024.