MolecuLight has rolled out its new i:X Sterile Surgical Sleeve Convenience Kit for imaging bacteria in wounds in a surgical or isolation setting, using the MolecuLight i:X.

The convenience kit comprises an advanced disposable surgical sleeve, fitted to the i:X device through an adaptor to align the optics of the i:X to the sleeve.

The sleeve is said to enable wound care practitioners to safely use the MolecuLight i:X to image wounds, using both standard and fluorescence imaging in a sterile field using a sterile barrier between the i:X device and the patient.

In addition, the X sleeve has been made using optically-clear material, to avoid interference or degradation of the fluorescence signal or image quality of the device.

MolecuLight CEO Anil Amlani said: “With the newly available i:X Sterile Surgical Sleeve, our i:X device can now provide critical information of bacterial presence and location in wounds for physicians in the surgical setting.

“With over 900,000 skin graft procedures alone being performed annually in the operating room in the US, we believe there is significant demand for the MolecuLight i:X to inform clinical decision-making for surgeons needing point-of-care diagnostic imaging about the presence of bacteria.

The i:X sleeve will help wound care practitioners safely use the MolecuLight i:X device

MolecuLight said that understanding of the bacterial presence and location enables surgeons to prepare the wound bed before applying skin substitutes and facilitates faster wound healing.

The new i:X sterile surgical sleeve can be used in operating rooms for cleaning of burn wound, surgical debridement of wounds, application of skin substitutes and skin grafts, and vascular surgical applications.

It can also be used where the device has to be shielded from the patients, for example in a Covid-19 ward or MRSA isolation room.

The surgical sleeve prevents the need for cleaning and disinfecting the MolecuLight i:X, as it can be quickly replaced for use between patients.

In addition, the sleeve can be used in situations where the device requires protection from a procedure, like in case of wound ultrasonic debridement, where the procedure involves airborne particles.

The company is rolling out its surgical sleeve to all customer sites in the US and Canada, willing to perform bacterial imaging in the clinical settings.