Integrated Endoscopy, a US-based medical device firm, has announced the global launch of its second generation NUVIS Single-Use Arthroscope, a 4K endoscope developed for use in arthroscopic surgeries.

Gen II NUVIS is said to have a streamlined optical train architecture which increases the image quality to 4K and reduces the number of optical elements by more than 60%.

According to Integrated Endoscopy, the 4K endoscope can be produced much more quickly, and less expensive to manufacture with the ability for high-volume automation.

The medical device firm is launching multiple NUVIS versions as part of the Gen II launch in order to make the technology interoperable with most of the commercially available cannulas.

Additionally, GEN II NUVIS can accommodate a 4K camera system without the need for extra capital equipment and is compatible with most of currently installed video towers, Integrated Endoscopy claimed. It also has a built-in battery-operated LED, which removes the need for light box and heavy light cord.

Integrated Endoscopy CEO Brad Sharp said: “The release of the Gen II NUVIS is a huge milestone for the company in terms of image quality and compatibility.

“Our nextgen arthroscope also provides a substantial decrease in manufacturing costs while simultaneously increasing ease of manufacturability.

“The demand we have seen for NUVIS far exceeds our current manufacturing capacity, so the efficiencies the Gen II NUVIS affords will greatly aid in shortening production time and costs.

“With a global market of over 1.5 million units per month, increasing our manufacturing capacity will be a major focus for the company moving forward.”

The Gen II NUVIS single-use, 4K, battery-operated cordless arthroscope from Integrated Endoscopy has received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 501(k) clearance. It is also CE-marked and is now being registered in various markets in different parts of the world.