Even after investing millions of dollars in making the care management process more efficient and seamless, provider care teams still find it difficult to work in collaboration. The challenge is not just in having all the necessary patient data, but limited connectivity is forcing care teams to continue to work in silos.

What care teams need now is to access the right data at the right time. They need the right tools to stay connected with their patients and deliver holistic care. Unfortunately, traditional technologies end up leaving providers in the dark and drowning in manual work.

To assist care teams in sharing crucial patient information in real-time and ensuring seamless care delivery, Innovaccer Inc., the leading healthcare data activation company, is launching its care management product, InCare on the Microsoft Teams platform. This launch will drive efficiency in the way care teams deliver care and assist healthcare organizations to stay patient-centered.

With InCare integrated on Microsoft Teams, the solution will eliminate the complicated processes of manually locating patients, and also provide a 360-degree view of the patient through Patient-360 profiles. Care managers can directly talk to the primary care provider’s nursing staff through the chatbot to coordinate care. Unlike many other platforms, it also seamlessly highlights critical patient information and sends a pre-visit summary to the primary care provider.

“InCare is built to reduce the burden of complex administrative and exhausting technology-related activities for care teams. This launch will be taking the capabilities of InCare to a whole new level of efficiency and credibility,” says Kanav Hasija, Co-founder at Innovaccer.

With Microsoft Teams, InCare can create a culture of collaboration and prevent the care teams from working in isolated silos. Microsoft Teams will enhance the communication channel between care teams and reduce the number of applications the care manager uses to complete a simple task such as referring a patient to another care manager.

“Even after multiple advancements in the field of care management, care teams are stuck with the same problems which they have been struggling with for decades. Care management should be easy and focused on delivering patient-centered instead of manual processes and a complex chain of operations,” says Abhinav Shashank, CEO and Co-founder at Innovaccer. “This partnership with Microsoft Teams will be an important step towards achieving our mission of righting the wrongs of healthcare technology.”

Source: Company Press Release