Immunostics (Boditech USA) and Dr. Scott Benson, an associate professor at the University of Utah Medical School, announce a COVID-19 testing solution and protocol for universities and colleges.

With nearly all universities and colleges announcing the opening of a campus in the fall, some even in the summer, there is an overwhelming consensus that effective testing is an absolute requirement. This means there is a critical need to implement an effective system for “Test and trace, test and trace, test and trace.”

Immunostics testing solution – an easy to use innovative COVID-19 antibody test platform in conjunction with data analytics and a protocol developed by Professor Benson – will enable all universities and colleges to possess a robust testing system during the school year. The AFIAS COVID-19 Ab testing platform is a small portable analyzer that can be deployed anywhere in universities and provide results in a short 10 minutes. The AFIAS Ab test detects an antibody level to confirm if the body has produced an immune response to the disease, achieved by using a unique TRF fluorescence technology, which has been shown to provide >95% sensitivity and specificity. Other “rapid” Ab Tests that are currently flooding the market are qualitative/visually read tests, which in numerous cases have consistently demonstrated poor sensitivity and specificity. The AFIAS COVID-19 Ab test provides three results, a positive or negative result, a quantified IgM level, and a quantified IgG level. AFIAS COVID-19 Ab tests will allow clinicians at colleges to measure the level of antibody titer of students at any given time and, if desired, to monitor them over a specified period. Through the system’s data storage transmission capabilities, the quantitative results will allow for robust data analytics and generate useful trending information.

“By September, AFIAS COVID-19 platform will enable testing for both antibody and antigen testing, thus providing a complete solution for universities in a cost-effective manner,” said Adam Choe, president and CEO, Immunostics Inc.

As we make the transition of going back to the campus in the fall, Immunostics complete COVID-19 testing solution enables universities to triage those who are in an active infection stage, who have overcome infection and identify individuals who may be able to return to classes. Using a fingerstick of blood or plasma/serum, definitive results are provided within 10 minutes. AFIAS Ab test provides a quantitative value and thus does not need to rely on subjective interpretation. These results are displayed on an easy to read screen, and can be printed out and stored for later analysis or electronically transmitted to the clinic/hospital LIS System.

Dr. Benson reported, “The health and safety of students, faculty, staff, and our communities are the top priority of universities and colleges around the country. By preparing a testing strategy before students return this fall, we can more effectively identify ways to help protect those within our university communities. COVID-19 has presented us with an unprecedented threat to health and safety, but also a unique opportunity to develop new strategic plans and protocols that can be implemented rapidly to avert the risks from this pandemic. Utilizing the AFIAS Ab test, as part of a well-designed screening protocol, we have successfully performed thousands of screenings with employees locally from food production to foundries that has reduced the risk to employees, coworkers and their families of COVID-19 infection at a cost to the each employer that is significantly less than the business lost from worried employees not coming to work. A similar strategy can be utilized by colleges and universities across the country to protect their communities as well.”

The University of Wisconsin estimates that it would cost about $20 million for one round of testing. Our AFIAS platform will subsidize this enormous cost by providing both antibody and antigen tests at a fraction of the cost of PCR tests.

Source: Company Press Release