Digital diagnostic technologies provider I-O Urology has introduced the CarePath platform for remote urologic care.

The CarePath system, which is under development since 2015, is claimed to be the first and only portable product to offer real-time, quantitative measurement of uroflow and urine output.

Designed for active clinical use, the platform enables to enhance engagement, improve compliance and standardise treatment pathways for lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS).

I-O Urology founder Dr Brent Laing said: “The CarePath platform was developed to overcome these challenges with an easy-to-use product that collects and stores flow rate, duration, and volumetric data in the cloud.

“Healthcare providers, urologists, and urogynecologists can now analyze the data in real time to detect, track, and treat common lower urinary tract symptoms before issues escalate.”

According to the company, more than 58 million Americans suffer from LUTS such as overactive bladder and benign prostatic hypertrophy and inefficient urine monitoring methods make many patients dissatisfied with their current treatment and non-compliant with treatment protocols.

The CarePath platform, which is also eligible for remote patient monitoring reimbursement, will help monitor, measure and record serial voids in real-time.

The platform includes capacitive sensors and accelerometers for better orientation, as well as the latest advances in Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), radio-frequency identification, and cellular CAT M1 technology to capture, encrypt, and store objective data in the cloud.

The system allows syncing with a mobile application to allow healthcare providers to engage with patients directly and access real-time voiding data to identify and track urologic disorders precisely.

According to I-O Urology, CarePath enables healthcare providers to gain access to a standardised tool for navigating care pathways and reducing attrition for LUTS therapies.