HTL-STREFA today announced the release of Droplet Micron™, a new and innovative pen needle designed to deliver the best injection experience.

At 34G x 3.5mm, Droplet Micron is thinner and shorter than other pen needles available today. Droplet Micron reduces the penetration force required for an injection up to 50%; previous research has linked reduction in penetration force to a less painful injection experience.

Despite the reduction in needle size, Droplet Micron delivers the same reliability, safety, and effectiveness that traditional pen needles offer. In addition, another Droplet Micron innovation – its tapered and polished needle tip is designed for maximum comfort, prompting 98% of people to recommend it to others.

These are important innovations; for those that rely on insulin injections, a better injection experience means more than just the moment of injection. Research suggests that 94% of insulin injectors experience related anxiety and distress, the result of daily triggers (from anticipating the injection, to seeing the needle, to the injection itself). These anxious feelings and experiences can jeopardize medication adherence. Put more simply, medication delivery will always be important – but the injection experience can no longer be ignored.

The “injection experience” is more than a moment – it is a cyclical journey, where the feelings that surround anticipation, preparation, and injection have a cumulative impact. Droplet Micron was designed to help break this routinely anxious cycle so that people injecting diabetes medications, feel better about every injection, every time.

“Every aspect of Droplet Micron was designed with experience in mind,” said Carl Ward, General Manager, Americas at HTL-STREFA, Inc. “In a product category where ‘how it works’ has always been the focus, ‘what people are feeling’ hasn’t always been top-of-mind. At HTL-STREFA, we don’t think that people with diabetes should have to compromise on any aspect of their injection experience. When you use Droplet Micron for the first time, you can see and feel the difference immediately, and feel better about every injection that comes after.”

“Droplet Micron is the result of our continuous focus on innovation in diabetes care,” concludes Carl Ward. “Every day, people with diabetes do their part in managing their health by taking their injectable diabetes medication. Micron’s here; it’s in their corner, every day at every injection.”

Source: Company Press Release