Honeycomb Biotechnologies and US-based Revvity have unveiled the HIVE CLX Single-Cell RNAseq solution, BeeNetPLUS analysis workflow and a new HIVE CLX Service offering for US-based single-cell researchers.

The HIVE CLX Single-Cell RNAseq Solution is said to provide higher-density single-cell capture with integrated sample storage in an instrument-free workflow.

It also enables researchers to study rare and delicate cell types more easily and better understand how the immune system combats allergens and pathogens, among other applications.

The recent version is also a significant upgrade to Honeycomb’s HIVE platform, which was introduced in partnership with Revvity in 2021.

Honeycomb CEO Jim Flanigon said: “The HIVE CLX solution is uniquely designed to enable clinical researchers to overcome challenges often encountered in single-cell studies.

“User-friendly sample capture and storage expands both the scope and geographic reach of single cell research, especially in areas such as innate immunology and infectious disease.

“Our colleagues at Revvity share our goal of bringing single-cell technology to a broader audience, so we’re excited to see our customers expand those boundaries with the HIVE CLX solution.”

According to Revvity, the HIVE CLX solution has 160,000 picowells packed in a single, high-density array that allows for up to four times as many cells to be recovered per device than the company’s original HIVE scRNAseq Solution.

The solution is also designed to aid researchers working in remote or low-resource locations by eliminating the need for specialised instrumentation.

Revvity multi-omics and speciality diagnostics general manager Arvind Kothandaraman said: “The ability to understand human health and disease at the single-cell level is notoriously challenging, but an incredibly important pursuit in biological and clinical research.

“We are pleased that the HIVE CLX solution is helping scientists of all backgrounds and experience levels access single-cell RNAseq technology.”

Additionally, Honeycomb has launched its BeeNetPLUS cloud-based analysis workflow which streamlines and speeds up data interpretation from HIVE CLX results.

The BeeNetPLUS workflow generates reports on sequencing quality, cell, gene, and transcript recovery, cell-type annotation, differential expression, and marker gene plots without requiring any coding or command-line skills.

The HIVE CLX Service offering is also now available to US-based researchers working on a variety of single-cell applications.