Medical technology company Hologic has introduced its first cart-based SuperSonic MACH 40 ultrasound system in the US.

Designed to improve efficiency and accuracy, the new cart-based ultrasound system provides advanced image quality and standard-setting imaging modes.

The SuperSonic MACH 40 system is said to leverage UltraFast imaging technology to deliver frame rates of up to 20,000 images per second. The technology also facilitates advanced imaging modes, without the trade-offs present in conventional systems.

Hologic’s system also uses B-mode imaging technology, which enables to capture smoother images with reduced speckle and clearer images across all tissue densities, as well as improve lesion conspicuity.

Hologic’s new SuperSonic MACH 40 system features third-generation shear wave-based elastography technology

The SuperSonic MACH 40 system also uses the third generation ShearWave elastography technology that delivers additional diagnostic information for better patient management, including diagnostic workup of breast lesions, lesion targeting during ultrasound-guided biopsy, and lesion size measurement.

The three imaging modes, combined in TriVu imaging, enable to simultaneously analyse morphology, stiffness and blood flow in the same image.

Hologic’s new system takes the support of Needle PL.U.S. imaging, which facilitates the visualization of both the biopsy needle and anatomical structures in real-time and anticipates the needle trajectory.

In addition, the system’s SonicPad multi-touch trackpad allows physicians to focus on imaging without the distractions of unnecessary user movements.

Hologic breast and skeletal health solutions division president Pete Valenti said: “With the addition of the SuperSonic MACH 40 system, we’ve successfully built a comprehensive portfolio of innovative, standard-setting breast ultrasound solutions designed to better meet the needs of breast imagers.

“The SuperSonic MACH 40 system embodies our commitment to delivering future-oriented solutions and was designed to help healthcare professionals reduce unnecessary biopsies by eliminating re-scans, reducing lesion correlation time, and improving overall diagnostic accuracy.”

In May, Hologic received the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) emergency use authorisation (EUA) for its Aptima SARS-CoV-2 assay.