Global medical technology leader Hillrom announced the full commercial launch of the PST 500, a precision surgical table, and a highly advanced addition to the Yellofins Stirrups line, Yellofins Apex.

“As part of our vision of Advancing Connected Care, we are always looking for ways to improve upon or introduce new products for patients and their caregivers,” said John Groetelaars, president and CEO of Hillrom. “The PST 500 is designed to be versatile, intuitive and easy to use in order to provide the best care for patients, and Yellofins Apex will surpass our previous lithotomy positioning devices to establish a new standard for patient safety.”

The PST 500 is designed to be the foundation of surgical care and features the versatility of a wide range of positions across various surgical applications to help surgical teams expand procedural capabilities. The PST 500’s safety features include a 1,000-pound (454 kg) weight capacity, collision monitoring, a self-leveling floor locking system as well as a light-messaging system to help combat alarm fatigue. The PST 500’s modular design, ergonomic handling, 360° imaging and light-messaging system help streamline workflow, and its intuitive features, including lightweight components, a self-aligning hook coupler system and remote control, provide for easy setup and use.

Hillrom, in addition, is introducing the PST 300, a versatile, intuitively designed multi-function surgical table. With simple setup and 360-degree radiolucency, the PST 300 is capable of handling general surgery, orthopedics and neurosurgery.

The Yellofins Stirrups line from Hillrom has long been the gold standard in lithotomy positioning. Now the Yellofins Apex stirrups are elevating that standard —and helping caregivers elevate performance in the operating room. The new Yellowfins Apex stirrups represent enhanced safety, with a dual-rod design that prevents medial leg drop, and automatic position-locking technology to safely position the patient while protecting both the patient and the surgical team. In addition, Yellofins Apex stirrups offers greater ease-of-use with single-point boot release capabilities, alleviating the need for heavy lifting. To help enhance infection control, Yellofins Apex stirrups include welded pads and removable silicon straps that are easy to clean and reduce the surface area accessible to potential contaminants.

The PST 500 is available globally, while the Yellofins Apex stirrups are available initially in the U.S.

Source: Company Press Release