Heartland Health, a healthcare products manufacturer, has announced a new style of surgical masks as COVID-19 cases rise nationwide. Building upon its proven expertise in designing and manufacturing non-woven products, Heartland Health has emerged as a leader for its efforts to address a domestic production shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the United States.

Heartland Health’s new design is gaiter style and worn around the neck, as opposed to over the ears, to offer several advantages. Creating a more comfortable and closer fit to the face, the masks are adaptive to facial curves and fixed to the nose with an embedded nose wire and an elastic band that minimizes disease transmission while maintaining breathability. Each mask comes with an internal filter that exceeds surgical and N95 mask standards of filtration, removing harmful airborne pathogens before they are inhaled to prevent disease spread. With its unique style, Heartland Health’s masks do not interfere with glasses, hearing aids, or other facial accessories, improving accessibility to this important healthcare product.

The new line of masks has grown in popularity. Supporting a domestic supply chain with new jobs and less foreign dependence, Heartland Health leads the way with its COVID-19 response and efforts to support first responders, frontline healthcare workers, and the general public.

Heartland Health’s new mask design was recently cleared by the FDA and granted an Emergency Use Authorization. The company operates under all FDA health standards, relying on an experienced team of professionals for continued excellence in operations, compliance, and quality control.

Source: Company Press Release