Orum International and Hardy Diagnostics announce the new MULTIFLEX 1+2 active impact microbial air sampler. The MULTIFLEX 1+2 is one of the latest designs from Orum International, of Milan, Italy. The founders of Orum International have over 40 years of experience in producing microbial air samplers for environmental monitoring. Hardy Diagnostics is their exclusive distribution partner in North America.

USP <797> guidelines and cGMP’s require volumetric impact air sampling for viable particulates as part of an effective environmental monitoring program. The TRIO.BAS family of active microbial air samplers meets compliance standards.

With a fixed air sampling chamber, plus two independent sampling satellites, the new MULTIFLEX 1+2 air sampling instrument offers optimal versatility with unique and efficient sampling options. It is especially dedicated to facilities required to comply with quality standards and GMP, such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other critical cleanroom environments. The instrument is fabricated in AISI316 rated stainless steel and is ideal for use in Isolators and RABS (Restricted Access Barrier Systems).

Source: Company Press Release