Guide Sensmart (“the Company”), a world leading manufacturer of infrared thermal imaging systems, has had its IR236 IR Fever Warning System added to the list of authorized medical devices for uses related to COVID-19 by Health Canada. The authorized devices carry diagnostic, treatment, mitigation or prevention claims based on known evidence, and are the only ones that are recognized for their use in relation to COVID-19.

The GUIDE IR236 IR Fever Warning System is an automated infrared thermal imaging system that enables fast, smart and accurate temperature screening in crowded public places, which assists to detect people with a potential fever and contain or limit the spread of the virus.
GUIDE IR236 combines advanced technology, such as thermography, a human body temperature measurement algorithm and AI intelligent face tracking, to ensure the equipment is accurate and easy to use. Equipped with multi-target tracking, the IR236 model can rapidly detect temperatures of up to 500 people in a single minute from up to 8m away, which reduces the need for close contact temperature guns and minimizes the risk of infection. The model adopts a 400 to 300 high-resolution metal detector which, upon detecting a person with an elevated temperature, automatically sounds an alarm, tracks the target, and instantly takes a photo.

To date, over 100,000 units of the Guide IR Fever Warning Systems have been deployed in airports, train stations, schools, businesses, and cultural landmarks across the globe. In addition to the IR236, the company has also developed a series of 10 different thermal imaging products and solutions to aid in the fight against COVID-19, including handheld thermal scanners, fever scanners for smartphones, thermal imaging modules with SDK, and more.

Source: Company Press Release