Graphene Leaders Canada (GLC), along with its subsidiary GLC Medical (GLCM), has developed a graphene-enhanced sensor, for use in a rapid Covid-19 test.

The new graphene-enhanced sensor has been designed to support the Rapid Covid-19 Virus Detection Test Kit, which provides results within seconds.

GLCM’s graphene-enhanced sensor transmits a signal when exposed to the viral antigens, unlike other test which detect the byproducts of infection.

GLC-GLCM indicated product development lead Jason Deacon said: “Graphene is the ideal sensing material. The 2D nature and conductive attributes of graphene make for an extremely sensitive material to detect any molecule. I have investigated this principle extensively during my time at Cambridge University.

“At GLC-GLCM, we have made the surface highly specific to SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) to ensure that our rapid test will save lives. The study of 2D materials has been encased in academia for 15 years. Our team at GLC-GLCM believes that nanotechnology regarding 2D materials is critical to future technology and innovation, with graphene at the forefront.”

The new in-vitro diagnostic test directly detects Covid-19 antigens within seconds

The company said that its in-vitro diagnostic device directly detects the coronavirus, while other tests including serological assays identify IgM and IgG antibodies post-infection, and nucleic acid tests identify active infection.

In addition, the diagnostic tests leverage nasopharyngeal swab for sample collection and a certified practitioner will interpret results using expensive equipment which consumes time.

To address the issues, the company has designed the new Rapid Covid-19 Virus Detection Test, which is the only saliva test that does not require the nasopharyngeal swab.

Also, the advanced test kit would prevent the need for expensive equipment, cross handling that increases scope for cross contamination, and does not need a certified practitioner to oversee.

Furthermore, the company said that it is in talks with manufacturers and governments of various countries to facilitate production protocols according to their regulatory compliance requirements.

GLC-GLCM president and CEO Donna Mandau said: “The success of this development offers the world a solution for COVID-19, and as our graphene is tailorable, we can offer a fast solution to future virus’ in rapid modification of our graphene which will ensure we do not relive the major economic shutdown as experienced with Covid-19.

“The inspiration for all of us at GLC-GLCM is to offer our graphene solutions for People and Planet. This rapid test brings family and friends together for times of joy free from fear of Covid-19. This test also brings family together in those times that we need to say good-bye to a loved one. No one should have to die alone again.”