Genomind, the leading mental health company bringing precision medicine into mainstream mental health treatment, today announced that it is offering an Express Ship-to-Patient option for its flagship product, Genomind® Professional PGx Express, the most advanced and comprehensive mental health pharmacogenetic testing service.

This test is designed to empower clinicians and pharmacists with genetic guidance to personalize patients’ treatment plans and reduce the painful process of mental health medication trial and error. Upon a clinician ordering Genomind Professional PGx Express, the new service upgrade enables patients to receive the test at home, with the healthcare provider receiving the results quickly and without requiring the patient to travel to a clinician’s office or a lab. Genomind has activated their Express Ship-to-Patient service for all clinicians and is paying for the express shipping to meet the needs of mental health patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The travel limitations placed on our lives by the coronavirus pandemic require us to provide innovative solutions to help patients and healthcare providers, particularly during this time of intensified mental health strain,” said Shawn Patrick O’Brien, Chief Executive Officer at Genomind. “I am very proud of my team for being able to bring forward the rollout of this Express Ship-to-Patient solution to address the current reality of the mental health treatment landscape. We look forward to working with our team, our providers, and alongside companies all over the world to do what we can to support those who need it during this global health crisis. Our patients’ mental health can’t wait.”

Genomind’s pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing identifies patient-specific genetic markers that can indicate which treatments have lower risk for side effects or adverse events and may be more likely to be effective. It can also provide guidance for specific dosages based on an individual’s pharmacokinetic profile. The FDA has placed gene-specific warnings, precautions, drug interaction guidelines and dosage recommendations on over 270 medications.

Under the new offering, physicians can order the test and Genomind will expedite shipping of the test kit to the address provided by the patient. Patients will follow instructions to provide a sample via a simple cheek swab and return it to Genomind’s lab for processing. With all required information, the laboratory can turn around results in less than three days – the fastest turnaround time in the industry – and a results report is then delivered to the physician. Genomind is also supporting this new service with On-Demand™ test consults with its team of pharmacogenomic experts to provide insights and support to physicians in interpreting test results.

“During this time of uncertainly and instability, our mental health patients need us more than ever,” said Gisoo Zarrabi, M.D. Medical Director of Harbor Psychiatry & Mental Health. “The Genomind Express direct-to-patient service has already proven itself invaluable to our practice and has allowed us to continue practicing psychiatry to the highest standard possible. We are thankful that our patients will continue to benefit from these essential reports — not just today, but for the rest of their lives.”

Source: Company Press Release