Genome Medical, a leading telegenomics technology and services company democratizing access to genomic-based medicine, today announced that it has raised $14 million to expand its clinical genetics care and operations. The funds will specifically support the accelerated development of the Genome Care DeliveryTM technology platform to address the rapid growth in virtual care needs and the shortage of genomic health care experts. Genome Medical will initially expand its patient engagement and care navigation platform for cancer, reproductive health and pharmacogenomics to bring the benefits of genomic medicine to a wider U.S. population.

This Series B extension financing was led by Samsung Catalyst Fund, which invests in the tech leaders of tomorrow to build a safer, smarter and more sustainable world. Existing investors, founders and additional growth partners also participated in this financing, bringing the total capital raised since Genome Medical was founded in 2016 to $60 million.

“The global COVID-19 pandemic and its health care impact are creating an unprecedented need for telehealth solutions. As a nationwide telehealth medical practice, Genome Medical is able to meet this need by expanding access to standard-of-care genetics and genomics through virtual health services — reaching people everywhere in a timely and safe manner,” said Lisa Alderson, CEO and Co-founder of Genome Medical. “We are pleased to partner with Samsung Catalyst Fund to forge consumer digital health technology together with genomic data and clinical genetics expertise to transform health care.”

Advancements in genetic technology and testing have made preventive and personalized care more effective and affordable than ever, accelerating the adoption of precision medicine into routine clinical care for cancer, chronic diseases, reproductive health and genetic disorders. Importantly, these advancements also create new ways to monitor and treat infectious diseases and global outbreaks.

“Personalized medicine is the future of care, but too many health systems are not able to provide these critical services,” said Francis Ho, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Samsung Catalyst Fund. “When more patients and providers have access to cutting-edge genomic health technologies and expertise, we can save lives and improve health outcomes. The data and knowledge base built by Genome Medical will spur more innovation and help us focus on preventive methods for treating illnesses and new diseases. Samsung is excited to be a part of this journey.”

Genome Medical’s solutions are utilized by health systems, hospitals, payors, providers and employers to expand access to genetic health services. Genome Medical also services patients directly and accepts self-referrals. Approximately 17 percent of the population carries disease-related genetic mutations for which there are treatment or preventive options. By increasing access to genetics care, Genome Medical can directly improve outcomes for these individuals.

Genome Medical’s growing network of genetic specialists provides on-demand, virtual care nationwide in the United States, with deep expertise across six major clinical areas: cancer, cardiovascular disease, reproductive health, pediatric genetics, pharmacogenomics and proactive health management. The Genome Care Delivery platform delivers education, engagement and provider-to-provider e-consults, as well as genetic wellness assessments and screening for population health management. The outcomes from this platform will make genomic medicine more affordable and accessible by providing the most up-to-date research and data-driven expertise. This includes a proprietary database to securely collect data on genomic profiles, electronic medical records, family health history and clinical insights.

Genome Medical’s existing investors, founders and additional growth partners also participating in this financing included Chairman and Co-founder Randy Scott, Canaan Partners, Illumina Ventures, Echo Health Ventures, Perceptive Advisors, LRVHealth, Kaiser Permanente Ventures, Avestria Ventures, Casdin Capital, HealthInvest Equity Partners, Revelation Partners, Dreamers Fund, Flywheel Ventures and Manatt Ventures.

Source: Company Press Release