Generations Healthcare Network has committed to transitioning its traditional ventilator equipment and expanding its Ventilator Care program with more than 100 VOCSN across multiple skilled nursing facilities in Illinois and Indiana. VOCSN is the first and only device that combines five pieces of respiratory equipment – Ventilator, Oxygen Concentrator, Cough Assist, Suction, Nebulizer – into a single, portable device.

In addition to the portability and space savings, VOCSN empowers Generation’s ability to provide patients with the benefits of integrated respiratory care while bridging the technology divide between hospital and home. A leader in innovation for long-term care needs, Generations is the single largest provider of VOCSN in the Midwest.

“The introduction of VOCSN gave us the opportunity to rethink how we provide respiratory care services and our facility expansion plans,” said Jim Palazzo, COO of Generations Healthcare Network. “We have the opportunity to consider space planning that otherwise would be impossible. For example, because VOCSN is self-contained and doesn’t require wall oxygen or suction, there is more space in the room for the patient to use.”

“Generations Healthcare Network is a progressive company known for its commitment to advancing the experience for its residents,” said Chris Kiple, CEO, Ventec Life Systems. “We are pleased to partner with Generations to raise the bar for long-term care and demonstrate the benefits of integrated respiratory care.”

“It is rare to find an opportunity to improve quality of care and clinical outcomes, reduce costs, and also improve patient and team member experience, but in VOCSN we’ve found it all,” said Palazzo. “The mobility for residents and the compact footprint of VOCSN is greatly improving their experience. In addition the access to all therapies at the touch of a button is supporting better compliance and outcomes.”

Source: Company Press Release