Genano air purification devices imported and distributed by UK firm KSG Health have been shown to be “99.999% effective” in killing viruses – including Covid-19.

Results from an independent study carried out in Finland by Testing & Research Centre, and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, suggest Genano technology could create safe indoor spaces by eliminating airborne transmission of the virus.

During the test, the air purification device – which was initially developed for use in hospitals – removed almost 90% of Covid-19 from the air in just 15 minutes, and 99.999% within two hours.

According to KSG Health, this could open the door for the technology to be deployed in public places like workspaces, restaurants, shops and other venues – in addition to controlling hospital infections.

Jarmo Kesanto, co-founder and director of KSG Health, said: “We are absolutely delighted with the results of this study.

“Our technology has already been proven in many settings, but to get independent verification that it will kill 99.999% of viruses is so important at this most challenging of times.

“It reinforces the fact that we have a real and immediate solution to those in healthcare, retail, hospitality and in offices who want to operate safely and with confidence. To play our part in making this happen is an honour and privilege.”


Genano air purification devices

Genano air purification units use electronic cold plasma technology to inactivate contaminating microbes.

This means it can remove particles down to a nanometre in size from indoor air – including viruses, bacteria and moulds, as well as gases and odours.

The technology is designed for critical areas in healthcare facilities like isolation wards, ICUs and clinics – where an increased level of hygiene is required – although it is supplied for use in dental, industrial and cleanroom settings too.

During independent testing of the product in Finland, researchers placed a bioaerosol containing four common indoor bacteria and two viruses, including one “coronavirus surrogate” that is similar in nature and behaviour to the virus, in a 30m² test room.

Tests were conducted with several variations in bioaerosol mix, but the results were – according to KSG Health – the same in every case, with virtually 100% of Covid-19 being eliminated inside two hours.

KSG Health said it has already assisted one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies in trialling several air purification systems to tackle poor-quality office air within its four-storey headquarters.

The Genano air purifiers proved to be “the most effective by far”, however, with plans now in place to integrate these low maintenance, cost-effective and easy to install units across the company’s entire estate.