GE HealthCare has received the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) approval for a new version of its Digital Expert Access solution with the remote scanning feature.

The Digital Expert Access is a real-time, virtual solution that enables collaboration among the radiology teams, within a single hospital or across multiple locations.

The virtual solution is designed to facilitate sharing expertise, best practices, and in-the-moment advice, along with real-time, remote console control.

Its new version comes with the remote scanning feature, which is compatible with GE HealthCare’s magnetic resonance (MR) devices.

The updated Digital Expert Access becomes the first remote patient scan solution with 510(k) approval, said the US medical technology company.

GE HealthCare imaging president and CEO Jan Makela said: “The ability to seamlessly bridge multiple locations, users, and devices, enables technologists to share knowledge, improves exam workflows, speeds up decision-making and helps achieve clinical and efficiency goals.

“With a shortage of radiologists, it is also key for facilities to be able to leverage the skills of one expert across multiple physical locations.

“Additionally, as the first FDA-cleared remote scan solution, Digital Expert Access with remote scanning sets a new bar for patient safety within imaging operations, which is critical given the anticipated future growth within this space.”

In addition, GE HealthCare has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with IONIC Health, a Brazil-based healthcare technology company, to further enhance remote operations.

IONIC Health develops nCommand Lite system, a 510(k)-pending technology designed to remotely provide real-time guidance to the licensed technologist operating the scanner.

Through the collaboration, GE HealthCare aims to provide a multi-vendor, multi-modality remote scanning solution to healthcare systems and patients worldwide.

IONIC Health CEO and co-founder José Leovigildo Coelho said: “This exclusive distribution agreement will enable greater and accelerated future access to remote operations and scanning capabilities to healthcare systems, clinicians, and patients.

“The current healthcare landscape, which includes dire radiologist shortages, highlights the immense immediate and long-term need for remote operations and we are thrilled that GE HealthCare recognises the role that this innovative technology will play in streamlining the patient journey and improving care for many years to come.

“At the core of IONIC lies our mission to export Brazilian technology that creates a lasting, positive impact in the world through healthcare. We couldn’t have found a better collaborator to accomplish this.”