US-based medical technology company GE Healthcare has rolled out its new all-digital PET/CT platform, Omni Legend.

The system is said to use an entirely new class of digital BGO (dBGO) detector material with a tiny crystal size that offers more than twice the sensitivity of earlier digital scanners. It also enables quicker overall scan times and more minor lesion detectability.

According to the firm, Omni Legend intends to enhance operational efficiency, improve the patient experience, and expand diagnostic power to improve patient outcomes.

With its theranostics capabilities, capacity to image short-lived tracers, dynamic protocols, and other features, the platform can accommodate patients across more care areas including a range of cancer, cardiology, and neurology treatment types.

GE said that Omni Legend combines intuitive workflow solutions enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI) including its new Precision DL, a new deep learning image processing programme, and its AI-based Auto Positioning Camera.

Furthermore, the system has Q.Clear, the firm’s PET image reconstruction platform, and MotionFree, its deviceless respiratory motion correction technology.

Additionally, Omni Legend’s operational efficiency solutions help improve the PET/CT imaging experience for both the technologist and the patient, the firm said.

GE Healthcare Molecular Imaging & Computed Tomography president & CEO Jean-Luc Procaccini said: “We built our scalable Omni platform from the ground up to meet the needs of our customers and their patients today and in the future.

“With the patient in mind, we leaned on our longstanding technological leadership and strong clinical collaborations to enhance the scan experience with entirely new components designed to help improve clinical outcomes.”

The medical technology company claimed that the device has a fast data quality assurance process to save time with streamlined calibration. It also has a gantry touchscreen and a new user interface for simplified protocol selection and an easy PET/CT process from start to finish respectively.

The presence of AI-based Auto Positioning enhances patient positioning capabilities because it automatically centres the patient for a completely hands-free positioning experience.

The system can image Gallium 68 for diagnosis, staging, or restaging, and it has the greatest sensitivity per centimetre on the market, the company claimed.