US-based medical technology company GE HealthCare and non-profit medical practice Mayo Clinic have entered into a strategic collaboration focused on medical imaging and theranostics.

Under the partnership, the companies will research and develop programmes to transform the experience of patients and clinicians in the practice of radiology and drug delivery.

It is a multi-focal collaboration that consolidates clinical research, product development, application of new clinical uses and techniques, and increased access for patients.

Also, it features a close alliance between research teams and the medical departments, building on radiological data, across different radiological disciplines.

The collaboration will involve scientists, technology developers, clinicians and other healthcare providers from both Mayo Clinic and GE HealthCare.

It aims to provide clinicians with technology to accurately diagnose and treat medical conditions and personalise the patient experience in their care journey, said the medtech company.

GE HealthCare Imaging president and CEO Jan Makela said: “Mayo Clinic is globally acknowledged to be among the best in healthcare and care innovation.

“By collaborating with their scientists, inventors and healthcare providers, we will accelerate innovation and increase the clinical impact of our technologies beyond what either of our organisations could achieve independently.”

The current medical imaging and theranostics partnership builds on previous long-standing research collaborations between the two organisations and focuses on four core areas.

The collaboration will rapidly advance the development and clinical translation of advanced Magnetic Resonance (MR) technologies and techniques, through AI-powered exams.

It aims to transform cancer care through precise imaging and dosimetry of highly targeted theranostic agents and widen access through radioisotope production.

The partnership will simplify diagnostic and interventional ultrasound while advancing automation and quantification to improve patient access, consistent care, and clinician experience.

Also, the collaboration will leverage multi-modal data, AI and digital health platforms, to improve the patient imaging experience across the care continuum.

The collaboration activities and research will be conducted at Mayo Clinic’s campus in Rochester, Minnesota, US.

Mayo Clinic radiology chair Matthew Callstrom said: “We are at a critical time in healthcare – technology is rapidly evolving, and we have a responsibility to drive healthcare capabilities through clinical translation and adoption of advanced technologies.

“This collaboration brings our research and clinical teams’ expertise and feedback closer to product development and commercialisation of innovation, ultimately accelerating the rate of translation of our research to patient care and offering greater opportunity for global impact.”