Biotechnology company FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific, a subsidiary of FUJIFILM, has added the Life Whisperer Genetics module to Presagen’s Life Whisperer software platform to non-invasively assess embryo genetic integrity during in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

Life Whisperer Genetics is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based software module that offers objective scoring of embryo genetic integrity and chances of clinical pregnancy.

The software is used along with Life Whisperer Viability to support the clinical selection of blastocysts that may have a higher chance of developing into euploid. This can result in pregnancy using a single platform.

The Life Whisperer platform uses AI-based methodology to analyse the morphological characteristics of day 5 blastocysts that are associated with an increased chances of clinical pregnancy.

The platform then generates a confidence score between zero and 10 for both the Life Whisperer Viability and Life Whisperer Genetics modules.

Presagen co-founder and CEO Michelle Perugini said: “The Life Whisperer platform was developed with a network of IVF clinics around the world to provide a single suite of AI-based technologies for a non-invasive, objective option along with a seamless workflow solution to aid clinicians in the IVF process.”

According to FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific, research has shown that Life Whisperer Viability could increase the selection of viable embryos by up to 25% in comparison to embryologist assessment alone.

Additionally, Life Whisperer Genetics detected the top-ranked embryo as euploid in 82.4% of cohorts in a simulated cohort study.

This non-invasive single platform can help embryologists or physicians by providing objective assessment and uniform grading aid to clinical decision-making to help patients start families.

The Life Whisper platform is said to be cloud-based and compatible with a common optical microscope and image-capture software for simple incorporation into current IVF operations.

The software utilises drag-and-drop capabilities for images to deliver fast results. It uses its objective Life Whisperer Viability and Life Whisperer Genetics grading system to produce patient-centric reports.

In addition to enhancing transparency and patient understanding of the IVF procedures, this reporting function gives patients a first-hand view of the decision-making process, the biotechnology firm said.

FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific medical business unit executive director Steven Geimer said: “The Life Whisperer platform further solidifies our commitment to introduce new solutions to support embryologists and clinicians in increasing a patient’s pregnancy potential.”