Forward, the preventive primary care practice combining top rated doctors and advanced medical technology, today announces the availability of rapid blood testing to screen for COVID-19 at clinics and drive-through sites nationwide.

The test provides results within minutes and is available to Forward members whose needs have been identified after first completing a remote risk assessment via the Forward app. The rapid tests are integrated into Forward’s overall assessment and care protocol, which involves one-on-one consultations with a physician and a thorough review of symptoms, history and comorbidities.

“The crisis we are facing today continues to overwhelm our health systems with no end in sight,” says Forward Founder and CEO Adrian Aoun. “Without rapid serological testing and the ability to identify the antibodies of the virus, we won’t be able to protect our communities. We have been at the forefront of making COVID-19 testing available to our members, and on-site rapid testing will dramatically increase our ability to more quickly get people the right COVID-19 care.”

Rapid testing serves as a crucial tool to provide quicker, more informed care to members who may have been exposed to COVID-19, because physicians can use the preliminary results to make immediate medical recommendations. Forward strives to offer the best possible options, and offering serological testing helps Forward stay proactive in the care of its members.

“Rapid testing gets us faster results with data that can help us immediately customize our recommendations for the member, which is essential in dealing with COVID-19,” says Forward Medical Lead, Dr. Nate Favini. “The delays that people around the country are experiencing with PCR-based testing are unacceptable and hampering our ability to fight the pandemic. It is our strong view that used properly, these tests are critical in helping to control the spread of COVID-19.”

With the expansion into rapid testing, Forward furthers its mission of providing the best quality health care. The expansion comes on the heels of offering a free and immediate risk assessment tool via, based on CDC guidance, where the public can understand their risk by answering a series of questions about symptoms and their severity, interactions, and places of travel. Forward also continues to offer PCR-based testing at all clinic locations, as medically appropriate based on symptoms, risk factors and likelihood of exposure. Forward is performing drive-through testing at Los Angeles and Orange County locations, with San Francisco launching soon followed by additional drive-through testing sites at locations nationwide.

Source: Company Press Release