US-based medical device company Exactech has introduced version 2.1 of its Equinoxe Shoulder Planning App in the US market.

The upgraded app offers more flexibility to surgeons to choose the right implants and sizes for the scapula and humerus based on the specific anatomy of a patient.

The ExactechGPS navigation system in the operating room can be utilised with the shoulder preoperative planning programme to link the preoperative plan with implant placement.

Recent research has shown that GPS offers verified placement accuracy that is within 2mm and 2 degrees of the preoperative plan, better fixation, and improved clinical outcomes when compared to non-navigated groups.

The improvements include increased range of motion and decreased postoperative complications, revision rates, and adverse events.

Exactech said the new Equinoxe Planning App version features humeral planning with a range of Equinoxe humeral stem components and sizes, including the Stemless Shoulder and Preserve short stem.

It also includes humeral head offset and position adjustment in anatomic procedures along with humeral tray and liner planning for reverse procedures.

The app offers patient-neutral abduction position refinement with a redesigned and enhanced user interface.

The view of the total joint and the use of combined motions to assess shoulder range of motion and impingement at specific locations will also help the surgeons.

According to the company, the app will give easy access to Predict+, the first machine learning-based clinical decision support tool for shoulder surgery.

Exactech Extremities senior vice president Chris Roche said: “Since the launch of the original Equinoxe Planning App, surgeons have planned more than 50,000 shoulder cases and executed their plans in 30,000+ cases using GPS.

“The Planning App, combined with GPS, makes the system the first and only shoulder navigation technology that connects the preoperative plan with real-time intraoperative instrument guidance – and verifies implant placement.

“The new features added to the Planning App highlight Exactech’s drive to create new solutions that enhance our surgeons’ surgical experiences.”