Eurobio Scientific (FR0013240934, ALERS, eligible PEA-PME), leading French group in the field of specialty in vitro medical diagnostics and life sciences, announced the signature of an exclusive agreement with the US company, CIRRUS Dx., the commercial arm of the Defence applications specialist Tetracore Group, in order to commercialize its molecular biology platform, T-COR 8TM, in France and in Maghreb countries of North Africa.
With this agreement, Eurobio Scientific extends its market through the development and commercialization of new proprietary molecular biology assays dedicated to these instruments.

T-COR 8TM  flexibility makes it a must

Originally developed for the US Army, T-COR 8TM is a unique, highly compact and mobile instrument dedicated to molecular biology for emergency or decentralized applications at the patient point of care (« POC »). The system is designed to perform various assays in real time, individually without waiting for the completion of tests that are already in progress. With 8 fully independent wells, it allows simultaneous analyses of up to 8 patient samples.
Unique and easy to use, this relocatable diagnostic system can be installed in POC clinical services, in emergency medical analysis laboratories (satellite laboratories, embedded laboratories, etc …) or in routine laboratories or specialized medical diagnostic laboratories.

An integrated solution, supported by a range of proprietary products

A new range of proprietary products will be developed by Eurobio Scientific specifically for this new instrument. It will complement the EurobioPlex offer already available on the Seegene high speed multiplex platform.

The developed kits will be used mainly for the detection of pathogens, particularly in the field of infectious diseases such as meningitis (viruses and bacteria), or viral diseases such as Dengue fever. They will all be CE IVD marked in order to be directly marketable throughout Europe. To date, five kits are already CE marked, and Eurobio Scientific is planning to get 15 other tests approved.

With this global offer of reagents and new generation instruments, Eurobio Scientific offers healthcare professionals a simple and flexible solution that brings the power and benefits of molecular biology where it is less accessible, including in emergency or POC situations. This collaboration fits perfectly with the company’s strategy through the development of new proprietary products, and their commercialization both in France and abroad, principally via its DiaMondiaL partner’s network in Europe.
Denis Fortier, Chief Operating Officer at Eurobio Scientific, said: “Thanks to this new partnership agreement, Eurobio Scientific will be able to develop and promote its proprietary products on a new platform that is very complementary to the existing one. We will benefit from new opportunities for expansion in the highly promising molecular biology market, while strengthening our presence in hospitals and medical analysis laboratories. “

Source: Company Press Release