Essence SmartCare, a provider of IoT platforms for healthcare and senior care providers, has launched MDsense, its multi-dimensional fall detection solution.

MDsense has been developed based on advanced digital telecare solutions, and is part of the company’s certified cloud-connected advanced telecare solution, dubbed Care@Home.

Care@Home leverages AI and machine learning capabilities to constantly collect data to facilitate the accurate rapid response to fall events, improved care management and ensure positive outcomes.

Essence SmartCare general manager Barak Katz said: “Essence is proud to be leading the market with this breakthrough which will give our customers such a precise and secure way to make residents safer.

“Our vision at Essence SmartCare is to use technology to make lives better. We believe that our multi-dimensional technology will make the walls of care facilities smarter and ultimately make the home safer, allowing seniors and vulnerable people to live longer, better, with fewer worries about falling which impact their freedom and self-esteem.”

MDsense enables caregivers to rapidly react to verified falls

According to company, the currently available fall detection solutions are inaccurate and not reliable, producing high ratio of false alarms to for major service providers dealing with senior falls.

In addition, the company’s research found that most of them in residential care wear fall detection devices, which increases the risk of reliance on wearable technology for falls management.

Essence said that its MDsense offers a residence fall protection through monitoring of events using wall mounted intelligent sensors than wearable devices.

The device allows caregivers to rapidly react to verified falls while maintaining resident’s complete privacy.

MDsense features no video or sound, no wires attached, operates 24/7 effectively, works in light or dark rooms, is waterproof and can differentiate between multiple people and pets.

The company is a part of Essence Group and is engaged in developing advanced IoT platforms for smart preventive care and emergency response, facilitating safe living environments for seniors and vulnerable people.

Essence Group founder and CEO Haim Amir said: “Current fall monitoring systems leave the responsibility for alerting carers about a fall to the resident.

“MDsense enables independence and is always there, ready to support when needed, offering real peace of mind for both the cared-for and the carer. With this global launch, we now provide complete fall protection in every room, which current classic Telecare solutions cannot provide.”