US-based molecular diagnostics company Enzo Biochem has launched a new initiative, dubbed ‘Comprehensive COVID-19 Program’ to incorporate its advanced molecular diagnostic products.

The company’s COVID-19 Program encompasses its products for virus screening, detection of immunity through IgG/IgM serological ELISA products, detection of inflammation on Enzo’s ELISA platform, and its advanced drug candidate (SK1-I).

Enzo, through its diagnostics division, is currently offering advanced COVID-19 test kits under the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) authority.

Enzo CEO Elazar Rabbani said:“Enzo is uniquely positioned to address the COVID-19 pandemic from multiple angles. We have an open molecular diagnostic system with complete capabilities from sample collection to processing, detection, and analytics. Our open system allows for adoptability with regards to reagents, supplies, and instruments.

“This system can be used for the current COVID-19 crisis, and furthermore it can be repurposed for any current or future infectious agent diagnosis. Our solutions are available as full system product sales or as individual components.

“We have launched this platform, now available for purchase, and are also processing tests at our CLIA laboratory, where we have current capacity of 2,000 COVID-19 molecular tests per day and can expand to meet market demand.”

Enzo tests use GENFLEX platform

The COVID-19 tests, which use Enzo’s proprietary GENFLEX open diagnostic platform, consists of a collection system, sample processing and molecular analytic products.

The company’s GENFLEX open diagnostic platform is a high-throughput, sample-to-result platform that delivers high capacity, efficiency, and flexibility.

According to the company, most of the other available diagnostic platforms are closed systems, with no flexibility towards adoptability for other infectious agents, limited supplier relationships, and lack direct connection with the patient.

Besides, the company is developing IgG/IgM Antibody Test, Cytokine Storm Immunoassay, and potential use of Enzo’s Drug Candidate SK1-I, as part of its Comprehensive COVID-19 Program.