Energous Corporation, the developer of WattUp, a revolutionary wireless charging 2.0 technology, announced that NewSound, a hearing instruments company and Energous partner, has received FCC approval for its WattUp-enabled Primo W next-generation hearing aid.

The NewSound Primo W hearing aid is powered by Energous’ radio frequency-based wireless charging technology, which supports charging of a large variety of devices, including very small, rounded devices such as behind-the-ear and in-the-ear hearing aids. WattUp enables both contact-based and over-the-air wireless charging for small electronic devices, ensures interoperability and scalability while also solving for strict orientation and foreign object detection issues.

“The Primo W hearing aid represents a new level of technical advancement offering full Bluetooth control in conjunction with Dialog BLE and further validates the continued progress of the Energous wireless charging 2.0 technology, which offers substantial improvements over 1st generation, coil-based charging technologies in terms of freedom of movement, communications and control,” said Stephen R. Rizzone, president and CEO of Energous Corporation. “We anticipate the announcement of additional WattUp-enabled products in both the hearable and sensor markets, further demonstrating RF-based wireless power transfer is gaining meaningful traction.”

The NewSound Primo W hearing aid supports a variety of advanced features, including:

  • Hassle-free battery recharging via WattUp from Energous Corporation
  • Flexible drop-to-charge design maximizing ease of use
  • Full BLE compatibility and control
  • Excellent lithium battery support with approximately 3.5 hours of charging time and up to 20 hours of working time
  • SOUNDWEAR App control for charging status, battery monitoring, self-hearing check, program management, remote-fit and more
  • 8-channel DSP hearing capabilities
  • All-in-one case for easy storage, recharging, UV sanitizing and dehumidifying

“Securing FCC approval for our Primo W hearing aid solution is a major milestone along our journey to providing our customers with best-in-class hearing products that amplify their hearing experience,” said Boyang Li, CTO of NewSound. “The Primo W powered by Energous’ WattUp wireless charging technology enhances the experience for users and it represents the next generation of hearing aids.”

Source: Company Press Release