SofPulse is Endonovo’s FDA-Cleared non-invasive device for reduction of postoperative pain and edema. SofPulse represents a low-cost, drug-free solution to reduce use of opioids following surgical procedures and help prevent addiction. The therapy is non-invasive and non-pharmacologic, with no known side effects and no potential for overdose or dependency. SofPulse has been used effectively and studied extensively in soft tissue post-operative pain management.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is a recognized leader utilizing proven strategies in pain management and opioid safety, and its success in reducing the use of opioids has been recognized by other health systems.

The Veterans Affairs Texas hospital is one of the department’s largest hospitals, serving 27 Counties in Texas, and offers state of the art treatment for complex surgical conditions while at the same time promoting a multimodal approach for the treatment of postoperative pain aimed at reducing narcotics, which now includes SofPulse.

Endonovo CEO Alan Collier stated, “I am extremely proud of our team and the effort to reach such a major milestone. Serving the veterans is an honor and privilege. Although the process was long and to become an approved vendor was a major accomplishment, we believe serving this VA Medical Center will open the doors for us to serve many other VA centers and assist with the VHA commitment in reducing opioid use.”

Source: Company Press Release