Ekso Bionics Holdings, a leading developer of robotic exoskeletons, today announced the worldwide launch of its upgraded EksoPulse platform, an innovative cloud-based information technology platform that measures and analyzes progress using the EksoNR robotic exoskeleton. The improved analytics system provides an easy-to-use dashboard to chart activity in rehabilitation sessions, enhancing the clinician, institutional, and patient experience of the most clinically used exoskeleton.

The new EksoPulse platform technology uniquely allows physical therapists and physicians to track and personalize patient care with EksoNR. During rehabilitation sessions, EksoPulse captures important measures of patient progress, including the number of steps taken, the quality of steps, and how much assistance was given to a patient. The data is then synchronized via cellular technology and transmitted to Ekso’s secure, cloud-based system.

By logging into the secure EksoPulse portal, clinicians can view a dashboard and produce reports in order to analyze patient progress and track changes in patient performance. With this information, physical therapists and physicians can adjust care plans, which can have a positive impact on patient care and recovery.

“As an industry leader, we are committed to innovation and providing our customers with the latest rehabilitation tools,” said Jack Peurach, president and chief executive officer of Ekso Bionics. “By improving our analytics system to offer a user-friendly dashboard and advanced data analysis, clinicians can better measure progress and more nimbly adjust care as needed for better patient outcomes.”

Users can view data stored on the secure EksoPulse system from any web browser to make informed decisions. Healthcare administrators can also use the portal to gauge overall usage of the EksoNR device in their facility.

The upgraded EksoPulse platform is immediately available to rehabilitation centers around the world that are using the newest generation EksoNR with SmartAssist, a comprehensive gait therapy software. EksoGT users will have access to select new EksoPulse features, and have the option to upgrade to EksoNR, which allows full access to the new EksoPulse platform.

“The enhanced graphical interface provides more in-depth information about the overall usage of the device at your center, as well as data from individual patients. EksoPulse now widens the ability for management to measure the utilization of its capital investment in the medical device, in addition to showing individual progression of each patient for the therapist on the ground,” said Karen Nolan, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist, Kessler Foundation. “It gives therapists better capacity to track and analyze patient progression in various settings to more effectively challenge patients in future sessions.”

Source: Company Press Release