1Health.io, the leading technology company that provides precision diagnostic testing services announced today that it has partnered with EHE Health to provide saliva-based COVID-19 tests to large self-insured employers across the country.

EHE Health, a national healthcare provider organization dedicated to preventive and primary care, will make testing kits available to its clients, enabling them to deploy private, secure and scalable on-site testing portals, foster a safer work environment and support employees as they re-enter the workplace.

As part of EHE Health’s leadership in helping to protect the health and safety of American workers, their families and colleagues as businesses reopen, EHE Health is using 1Health.io’s test kits to screen essential employees before they travel or return to the workplace environment, and provides tests in bulk for their organizations to provide for their employees. This allows EHE Health’s clients to easily test 180-600 people within a few days, enabling employees to ensure they are fit to travel and get back to work more efficiently than previous models have allowed.

“At EHE, our mission is to provide our organizations with tools and resources to help keep their employees as healthy, safe and productive as possible, and during the COVID-19 pandemic that includes easing the anxiety workers may be feeling when returning to the workplace,” said David Levy, MD an epidemiologist and CEO of EHE Health. “New and exciting technologies like 1Health.io’s test kits are providing more opportunities to help employees move forward in this new world of work. The agility of the 1Health.io team and the accuracy of its test were crucial factors in our selection of 1Health.io as a partner.

1Health.io empowers partners with the ability to offer convenient, non-invasive, and remote options for precision diagnostic testing. Partners can offer patients, customers or employees diagnostic testing capabilities that eliminate inconvenient testing centers and long wait times for results. The 1Heath.io cloud-based platform allows for a seamless tracking and reporting system – essential for supporting large distributed teams and workforces.

1Health.io provides testing as a service, enabling partners to easily deploy, manage, and personalize testing at scale. The company pioneered the concept and was first in the field of DNA testing with a simple self-administered COVID-19 saliva test that was authorized by the FDA under EUA earlier this year.

“We aim to make precision testing easy and accessible for everyone, and have developed the first technology infrastructure that makes precision testing into a service that our partners can use to launch testing in days to any of their customers anywhere in the country,” said Mehdi Maghsoodnia, CEO of 1Health.io. “Partnering with EHE Health increases access to testing for some of the largest self-insured employers in the world, and we’re excited to support them.”

The tests can be taken from anywhere – at home, at work, in a hotel, or on-the-go. Saliva is collected in a tube, sealed with reagents, and shipped to a qualified lab in a secure envelope. Test results are delivered digitally to the person within 48 hours of the lab receiving the sample and can be viewed on the secure patient dashboard on the 1Health.io online platform.

Source: Company Press Release