Echosens, a high-technology company offering the FibroScan family of products, announces the launch of FibroScan 630 Expert in the United States, a comprehensive non-invasive solution for advanced liver disease management. This innovative tool is designed to expand clinical capabilities in liver health assessment with the addition of spleen stiffness measurement.

“Given the significant increase in potential cases of liver cirrhosis due to non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and alcoholic liver disease, there is a critical need for a non-invasive evaluation tool like FibroScan 630 Expert. It potentially supplies a cost-effective, non-invasive modality for spleen and liver stiffness measurements that may be used as an aid in the diagnosis, monitoring and clinical management of adult patients with liver disease,” says Dr. Eric Lawitz, Medical Director of the Texas Liver Institute and a Clinical Professor of Medicine at University of Texas Health San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas. “In cirrhotic patients, spleen stiffness may correlate better with Hepatic Venous Pressure Gradient (HVPG) and presence of high-risk esophageal varices than liver stiffness.”

The FibroScan 630 Expert offers a new intuitive user interface, high-speed processing, integrated barcode reader, ultrasound localization probe–time-saving technology for locating the spleen and liver in potentially complex patients—redesigned ergonomics, touchscreen and washable touch keyboard.

FibroScan 630 Expert is powered by: LSM by VCTE, patented and validated for liver disease management and supported by 2,500 peer-reviewed publications; CAP, patented and validated for liver disease management and supported by 330 international and peer-reviewed articles; and SSM by VCTE, patented and validated for spleen and liver stiffness measurements as a new marker for non-invasive evaluation of spleen stiffness, which is supported by 50 peer-reviewed publications.

Less than 1% of the United States population have cirrhosis of liver. In the western world, the most common etiology of portal hypertension is cirrhosis due to alcoholic liver disease, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), and hepatitis C infection. According to a recent estimate 15 million people in the United States have alcohol abuse disorder, nearly 88,000 people die annually due to alcohol, 10%-15% of people with alcoholism develop cirrhosis, and another 3 million people have chronic hepatitis C infection, with 25%-28% of these patients developing cirrhosis.

Jon Gingrich, CEO, Echosens North America, says, “Based on the scientific data already available, spleen stiffness measurement (SSM) is considered as a surrogate marker of portal hypertension, which is known to be the driver of cirrhosis complications, such as oesophageal or gastric varices. FibroScan 630 Expert serves as an important, non-invasive tool for a clinician to assess the risk of a cirrhotic patient and to adapt care.”

Source: Company Press Release