Eargo, a medical device company dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with hearing loss, today announced the launch of Eargo Neo HiFi (Neo HiFi). With a variety of new features, the Neo HiFi helps to transform the lives of wearers with the best sound fidelity in an Eargo product yet while offering increased personalization via the new Eargo mobile app.

Designed for adults with mild-to-severe, high-frequency hearing loss, the Neo HiFi is the latest in Eargo’s line of comfortable, innovative hearing loss solutions. The product’s new features include increased bandwidth, improved feedback cancellation, and a sophisticated wind noise reduction algorithm for enhanced performance processing speech outdoors. All of these features combine for a more natural listening experience with a more full-bodied sound.

Eargo Neo HiFi, the fourth generation hearing aid manufactured by Eargo since its commercialization in 2017, continues to represent improved audio performance, physical fit and/or comfort. “We have relentlessly pursued our mission to optimize the quality of life for people living with hearing loss and we continue to do that by removing the barriers that deter them from seeking solutions,” said Christian Gormsen, CEO of Eargo. “With Neo HiFi, we set a new benchmark for our products’ sound fidelity, providing our customers with easier access to the sounds of life the way they were meant to be heard.”

Additional features now available in Neo HiFi include new Flexi TetraPalms, an update to Eargo’s patented Flexi Palm design, for improved comfort and a mobile companion app so people can quickly adjust the quality of sounds for specific listening environments such as restaurants or concerts. The mobile app, available on iOS at launch and expected on Android in late January, allows people using Neo HiFi to more quickly adjust treble/bass levels, activate or deactivate programs and share reports with Eargo’s own licensed hearing professionals, who can further customize hearing programs.

Source: Company Press Release