Medical technology company DYSIS Medical has introduced a new compact and portable colposcope called DYSIS View.

DYSIS View is integrated with the company’s computer-aided cervical mapping technology, which enables healthcare professionals to identify cervical lesions more clearly.

Apart from cervical mapping technology, DYSIS View also consists of a camera for high resolution exam videos and images, instant replay of colposcopy exams and DYSIS SMARTtrack to compare a patient’s DYSIS View colposcopy exams, as well as a patient database for record storage.

The DYSIS family of colposcopes consists of new DYSISmap, which is a colour-coded summary of the acetowhitening effect of the patient’s cervix.

Colours will be placed on the map based on the acetowhitening changes measured by DYSIS during the examination. The healthcare professionals will use the data to enhance biopsy selection.

According to the company, detection of patients with CIN2+ increased by 44% when map-assisted biopsies were added to colposcopy exams in the IMPROVE-COLPO study.

DYSIS Medical CEO Darin Hammers said: “We are thrilled to bring DYSIS View to market to complement our already strong presence with DYSIS Ultra.

“While DYSIS View is much more compact and portable than our previous colposcope designs, it’s equal in sophistication and technology. It fills a gap in the market where we’re able to provide our innovative mapping technology to a wide range of healthcare professionals.”

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, DYSIS Medical is focused on offering automated optical molecular imaging technologies for medical diagnostic and screening applications.