DeGen Medical, a medical device development company specialising in complex spinal disorders, has teamed up with Dutch medical equipment manufacturer MRIguidance to advance surgical care through advanced technologies.

DeGen Medical is a patient-centric medical device development company focused on improving patient quality of life through advanced implants and intuitively designed instrumentation.

MRIguidance is a medical imaging software company engaged in developing and marketing BoneMRI, a novel imaging technique that visualises both bone and soft tissue.

DeGen said that its partnership with MRIguidance will focus on advanced solutions for complex spinal disorders to improve patient quality of life.

Its advanced implants and intuitively designed instrumentation are designed to help eliminate pain and enhance surgical outcomes.

The augmented reality (AR) patient education will further support surgeons in surgical planning and precision to improve patient satisfaction.

MRIguidance’s BoneMRI (synthetic CT) software is designed to prevent radiation exposure and provides detailed 3D anatomical reconstructions directly from a single MRI exam.

BoneMRI could potentially benefit adolescent patients, offering a safer diagnostic experience.

DeGen Medical and MRIguidance will reshape surgical care by integrating 3D patient-specific implants, PurI-Ti technology, and AR with radiation-free BoneMRI software.

The partnership is expected to set new standards in surgical planning, implant selection, and postoperative care.

DeGen Medical and MRIguidance are transfiguring surgical medicine, providing enhanced precision, improved patient outcomes, and high quality of life for patients.