Medical device manufacturer CoNextions Medical announced the first patient treated with the CoNextions TR Tendon Repair System in a zone 2 flexor tendon in the little finger.

The system is a single-use, sterile implant that comprises two identical stainless steel anchors connected by two loops of ultra-high tenacity polyethylene yarn.

According to the firm, the CoNextions TR System offers a strong repair with 2.2 times smoother tendon glide post repair than suture repair and is three times faster.

CoNextions Medical said that during the hand injury procedure, the implant is stapled into place using a specially designed single-use apparatus after confirming apposition of the two ends of a lacerated tendon.

The CoNextions TR System is designed to restore tendons that have been lacerated or damaged in adults aged 22 years or more.

Dr Colby Young who treated the first patient at Sunset Ridge Surgery Center said: “After reviewing the data from CoNextions’ clinical trial, I felt confident that the CoNextions TR System was a better alternative to suture for my patient.

“I was also excited to see how much easier the device was to use compared to tying a complex suture knot that creates more bulk in the repaired tendon.”

The company is currently launching the CoNextions TR System across the US through a network of orthopaedic distributors who specialise in upper extremity surgical treatments.

Last month, CoNextions received FDA 510(k) clearance to market the CoNextions TR Tendon Repair System in the US.