US-based genomics multiplexing platform company ChromaCode has teamed up with Protean BioDiagnostics, a biotechnology company involved in developing novel diagnostic tests.

Under the partnership, ChromaCode and Protean BioDiagnostics aim to launch a non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) assay in the US, through an early access programme.

The NSCLC assay has been developed based on ChromaCode’s advanced High-Definition PCR (HDPCR) multiplexing technology.

HDPCR provides a new approach to deep multiplexing of biomarkers in a single, rapid, cost-effective assay for multiple sample types.

Deployed on ChromaCode’s cloud-based analysis platform, HDPCR is designed for applications in oncology, minimal residual disease, transplant, and non-invasive prenatal testing.

It simplifies the workflow, reduces processing times, and empowers laboratories worldwide to perform high-quality, multiplex testing internally, said ChromaCode.

ChromaCode chief business officer Padma Sundar said: “This strategic partnership with Protean marks a significant step towards bringing the HDPCR NSCLC assay to Florida, a state accounting for approximately 10% of cancer incidence in the US.

“This partnership aligns with our mission to increase availability of advanced diagnostic technologies, ensuring that medical laboratories have access to cutting-edge tools that can transform the landscape of cancer care.”

The HDPCR NSCLC assay will help detect all National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) recommended variants in a single multiplexed assay.

The assay requires a very low concentration of only 15 nanograms (ng) of input DNA and 5ng of RNA and delivers results with a turnaround time of less than 24 hours.

It has showed more than 99% coverage of genes of interest, and 99% concordance with next generation sequencing (NGS), representing a compelling alternative for biomarker testing.

The assay is believed to address the challenges faced by NSCLC patients, including high cost, slow turnaround times and inadequate tissue samples.

Protean intends to add the new NSCLC diagnostic technology to its precision oncology molecular diagnostic platform Protean MAPS.

Protean president and CEO Anthony M Magliocco said: “We value the rapid turnaround and clinically relevant markers of the HDPCR NSCLC assay.

“We see a real opportunity to collaborate with commercial payors, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and other government agencies, to establish coverage and reimbursement for this revolutionary technology. There is a substantial potential for HDPCR in the field of oncology.”