Caregility, a clinical collaboration and communications company focused on providing secure, reliable, two-way audio and video communications for any device and clinical workflow, in both inpatient and outpatient settings, announces availability of the Caregility APS250C Slim Mobile Cart.

The Company has already shipped hundreds of units to hospitals across the nation that are looking for ways to leverage technology in their fight against COVID-19. At 69 inches high with a width and depth of under 18 inches, the minimalist design of the mobile telehealth cart offers maximum agility, enabling clinicians to bring the Access Point of Care System (APS) directly into any patient environment.

The purpose-built cart includes a 1080p full HD 20x zoom PTZ camera; an echo cancelling, noise reduction microphone and speaker; and 13-inch full HD LCD touch tablet with anti-microbial enclosure running Caregility’s patented software.

These carts were designed specifically for rapid deployment in a variety of patient environments for care of COVID-19 affected patients. The mobile telehealth carts eliminate the need for permanent hardware installation and are used to establish a virtual connection to care for patients, reducing the frequency of clinician staff exposure to COVID-19 and use of limited Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The carts have proven invaluable as provider organizations work to quickly scale virtual care operations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Paired with Caregility’s cloud-based solutions, the carts are quickly activated for live use the same day they arrive.

“This pandemic has quickly changed how care is delivered, in turn, this created the need for rapid deployment of virtual care at the patient’s bedside for a variety of reasons,” said Caregility VP of Clinical Solutions Wendy Deibert. “Each of our solutions are designed to fit this very need – easy to deploy within hours, secure, simple to use and able to keep everyone connected in the time when social distancing is a must.”

Caregility has a complete line-up of telehealth carts and wall-mounted systems. These bedside access points of care can be used for any virtual care or clinical workflow. Available features include:

Far-end camera control to pan, tilt, and zoom

Presets for preferred camera positions

Far-end audio control of APS speaker and microphone

On-demand buttons at the APS to request a remote video session

IR lights and night vision

Proactive monitoring and management of APS to ensure high availability

Conferencing capabilities to add participants, including other clinicians, interpreters, and family members

Always on and available, and capable of extended call durations (hours/days

Source: Company Press Release