Building on its comprehensive suite of ultrasound offerings, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc.’s Aplio™ a-series, the newest line of ultrasound systems delivering high performance for multiple clinical uses at an affordable price point, is releasing software enhancements and new transducers, improving capabilities and augmenting premium features.

Designed with imaging, ergonomics and workflow in mind, this platform enhances capabilities and the ability to see fine detail with four newly compatible transducers, including:

Wide-band convex (PVT-574BT): Small footprint ideal for providing the resolution needed to obtain fine detail in pediatrics as well as obstetrics. The small curvature allows for comfortable scanning.
Linear matrix for superficial (PLT-1204BX): Provides exquisite detail combined with excellent penetration in small parts imaging.
Endorectal biplane (PVT-770RT): Enables simultaneous orthogonal planes for a complete examination of prostate and bladder.
Wide-band sector (PST-28BT): Provides exceptional visualization for cardiac exams.
The new software update also features Attenuation Imaging (ATI), a unique technology that has been migrated to the Aplio a550. This addition provides a tool for assessment of attenuation within the liver, often associated with fatty or inflammatory liver disease, and allows this additional detail to be incorporated into the examination.

“Canon Medical is rapidly advancing upon the already rich capabilities of the Aplio a-series line of ultrasound systems by adding newly compatible specialty transducers and advanced technologies. Outstanding depth and detail, plus advanced feature-rich solutions to today’s most important clinical problems provide outstanding visualization to support the diagnostic capability and productivity for the busy clinician even in complex cases,” said Dan Skyba, managing director, Ultrasound Business Unit, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. “These enhancements to the a-series platform further demonstrate our commitment to continual improvement in ultrasound imaging across the entire product line so all of our customers have access to the imaging technology of tomorrow, today.”

The Aplio a-series is part of Canon Medical’s suite of Collaborative Imaging tools which puts integrated imaging intelligence at the center of a patient’s journey. The initiative fuses multiple diagnostic imaging modalities with leading clinical applications to deliver holistic, optimized patient information to clinicians at the point of care. Learn more at booth #1933, South Level 3 at RSNA 2019.

Source: Company Press Release